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  • Benefits of Using VaycayHero

    What does VaycayHero provide that other vacation rental sites do not?

    Most, if not all, vacation rental sites are geared towards the suppliers. And it shows in how they do not do much about inaccurate information or how they leave you with the suppliers when you need help. Unlike these sites, we are a full-service vacation rental website. We work with top-notch vacation rental providers, all our information is accurate and up-to-date, bookings are confirmed instantly online, and should you need any help, our friendly concierge team is there to assist you.

    What should I expect from VaycayHero?

    The easiest way to book a vacation rental and complete piece of mind that everything will go as expected with your rental. We want you to worry about what to pack, not whether or not the vacation rental will be as advertised.

  • Booking a Vacation Rental

    How do I search for a vacation rental?

    We have designed the site in such a way that even our grandmas can use it! Enter your destination, put in your search dates and additional criteria (who doesn't like a hot tub!) and you will be presented with rentals that are available and can be booked right that instant. It doesn't get any easier than this!

    Is the information presented reliable?

    Absolutely. We verify the hosts and ensure the accuracy of their listings. Calendars and rates are automatically updated to keep them up to date.

    Why do some listings show a regular nightly rate and also a discounted nightly rate?

    We negotiate exclusive discounts with our property managers that you can't find anywhere else.

    What do I have to do to reserve a vacation rental?

    Nothing much - sign in to VaycayHero, provide your billing and personal information, hit "Book My Trip," and then you are all set to go on vacation!

    Can I break my payment up into two installments?

    Yes, you can. Just give our concierge team a holler and they can take care of it.

    How do I get key pick-up information?

    Once you make a reservation, key pick-up information is presented to you in your booking confirmation email.

    I will be arriving after hours. Will I be able to pick up my keys that late?

    Absolutely. Remember, there is actually someone on location whose job it is to handle your arrival. If you don't get there during office hours, they will have a place where you can pick up keys or a specific procedure for you to follow. In many cases, they also have lock-boxes at the rentals so that you can go directly to your rental.

    What does VaycayHero do to make sure that I do not get scammed?

    I am glad that you asked this! One of our co-founders was scammed in his earlier life and we have made it our mission to make sure that nobody else ever has to go through what he went through. We have a 100% scam-free record and we intend to keep it that way.

    Do I have to pay anything more than the total displayed on the listing page?

    In most cases, what you see on the listing page is what you pay. Some hosts do have additional fees such as parking, pool access, etc. which they will charge you directly upon checkin.

    What is the service fee charged by VaycayHero?

    The service fee covers the cost of running our website and is designed to help us work for you. We use this fee to validate vacation rental property managers and their listings, provide up-to-date and accurate listing information on our website, give you access to our top-notch concierge team to help you with your bookings, ensure all our bookings are scam free, and mediate between you and the property manager in the case of a dispute.

  • Canceling My Vacation Rental

    How can I cancel my reservation?

    The cancellation policies are decided by our property managers and are included in your booking confirmation email. When you email or call us to cancel your reservation, we adhere to these policies and will refund you as applicable.

    Can I protect myself from unforeseen situations by purchasing trip cancellation insurance?

    Absolutely, that's what trip cancellation insurance is for. It protects you from situations that you don't have control over, such as medical emergencies, etc. Our insurance provider will cover your expenses if you have to cancel a reservation for unforeseen situations.

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